Why Host a Vineyard Wedding?

Bride and Groom in Vineyard

Why host a vineyard wedding? Acres of rolling vines, saturated colors, freshly harvested grapes… after hosting hundreds of weddings at Providence Vineyard (PV), we find ourselves asking “why NOT host a vineyard wedding?” But the truth is, deciding upon your ideal wedding location can be quite an involved process. Whether you’re deciding between country or city, rustic or elegant, indoor or outdoor, here are the top 5 reasons why you should host your wedding at a vineyard:


Vineyard GrapesVineyard

Vineyard Wedding Venue

1. Scenic Views

It’s hard to describe how ‘picture perfect’ these views really are, and let’s be honest, pictures never do a breathtaking scene justice. Acres of spacious fields, golden hour reflecting off the canopy of verdant leaves, surrounding oak trees, and natural light create an inexplainable ambiance for your guests. There’s something to be said about looking far into the distance without any buildings obstructing your view, especially for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. At Providence Vineyard, YOU decide just how to use these views. Whether you have an outdoor ceremony with our arbor placed perfectly within the vines, or you opt for an indoor wedding with grand accordion doors overlooking the entirety of the vineyard, PV has designed for you to optimize these stunning views either way.

  Bride and Groom in Vineyard

Vineyard Wedding Arbor

Vineyard Wedding Ceremony

Vineyard Wedding Florals

2. Inspiration

For all of the Pinterest-ers and wedding-inspo-seekers out there, planning a vineyard wedding and receiving free inspiration is basically a package deal. The sheer amount of amazing ideas that come directly from planning your wedding at a vineyard is endless. From wine barrel cocktail tables to wine-infused menu items, you’re sure to receive an abundance of inspiration for details that naturally complement the setting of a vineyard. Check out some of our PV weddings that capitalized on vineyard-inspired decor:

Wedding CakeCharcuterie BoardPersonalized Wine BottlesVineyard Wedding Decor

Harvested Grapes

3. Seasonal Beauty

Peak wedding season? How about peak wedding seasons! When you think “vineyard”, you might think rows of luscious green grapevines in the warmth of summer/early fall. Harvest season often receives all the glory, however, we’re here to recognize the seasonal beauty a vineyard has to offer!

  • Winter, or pruning season, is characterized by rows of bare grapevine trunks and cooler tones. Though Mother Nature will decide upon a white winter wedding, we feel the bare vineyard pairs perfectly with twinkling winter lights!
  • In fall, like many other trees or foliage, the vineyard offers warm tones of bright yellows, oranges, and reds. Golden hour becomes truly golden. A fall vineyard is the perfect complement to your autumn-based wedding florals.
  • Summer is the season for full, green vines with intertwined grapes, or the quintessential representation of a vineyard. The weather during the summer months provides ample opportunity for your guests to enjoy roaming within the vines.
  • In Spring, the vineyard begins to awaken, and small grapevine buds begin to open beautifully. Tight bunches of tiny flowers appear within, and your spring wedding color scheme will be paired with a lighter yellow-green vineyard color.

Fall Vineyard Wedding DecorFall Vineyard WeddingBride and Groom in Fall Vinyeard

Winter Vineyard WeddingGroom in Vineyard WeddingBride in winter vineyard wedding

Spring Vineyard WeddingSpring Vineyard Wedding

4. Photo Opportunities

Capturing your one and only wedding day is a must, and taking creative wedding photos that last a lifetime has become a fundamental part of couples’ wedding days. A vineyard is a free ticket to romantic photos with your love, and quite frankly, makes a photographer’s job just that much more fun. Unlimited natural light, stunning backdrops, and natural rows of greenery: a photographer’s dream! Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: the “lucky” wedding day rain affecting the dream photo lighting. We may be biased, but rain or shine, gloomy or bright, a vineyard is the perfect location for photos.

Bride in VineyardBride in VineyardVineyard Wedding PhotosRainy Vineyard Wedding


5. Uniqueness

Each wedding day is unique in that it is the only wedding day that encompasses all of the people, detail, and rituals specific to a given couple. However, when you think about wedding location or venue, you will often share a similar space with other couples. This may be a chapel, a ballroom, or even a museum! One thing we LOVE about a vineyard wedding is the uniqueness it has to offer. With serene views, a relaxed atmosphere, an abundance of space, and a romantic ambiance,  vineyard wedding venues are few and far between (especially in Chicagoland!). Therefore, consider a vineyard to ensure an extraordinary wedding location.

Ariel View of Vineyard WeddingBride and Groom in Vineyard


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